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Recalibration Conference

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Recalibration Conference (Main Sessions)

Live By The Spirit - Kingsley Walker
Recalibrated Sound - Kingsley Walker
Commissioning for the Nations - Rona Spiropoulos
Revelation for the Season - Multiple Speakers
The Anointing of the WarDoves - Lisa McFarland
You Must Be Willing to Pay the Price - Rona Spiropoulos
The Hard Labor is Over - Shirley Williams


Recalibration Conference (Breakouts)

A Priestly Call - Susan Powers
Apostles, Prophets, and All That - Lisa McFarland
Apostolic Hubs - Lisa McFarland
Strategic Prayer Strikes - Becky Drosopoulos
Defining the Hebraic Roots - Brendt Wills
Gates and Doors - Lisa McFarland
Our Healing in Christ - Mike Bell
The Physics of Sound - George Lambert
Prophetic Colors and Motion - Marilyn Jaderlund
Prophetic Protocols - Joyce Hanzlick
Raising the Dead - Kingsley Walker
Release the Sound - Phyllis Cameron
The Blood - Rona Spiropoulos
Healthy Eating - Jerusha McFarland Pitney
The Elements - Kingsley Walker
The Force of the Kingdom - Phyllis Cameron
The Manifold Wisdom of God - Mathew Reames
Water Warfare - Lisa McFarland
Wisdom, Gotta Get It - Chris LeBrun