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  • The River Series
  • The Dragon Series
  • Special Ops Series
  • Intimacy Series
  • Seeing Series
  • Apostle Series
  • The Dove Series
  • The Gate Series
  • The Measuring Series

The River Series - Lisa McFarland

drinking-water-copyCome to the River
drinking-water-copyJump in the River
drinking-water-copyFishing Out of the River
drinking-water-copyHow's It Flowing?
drinking-water-copyAccess in the River
drinking-water-copyThe Singing River

The Dragon Series - Lisa McFarland

Overcoming Leviathan
Leviathan Blocks the Glory
Slaying Dragons
Water Warfare
"Meet Me in St. Louie" - A River City

Special Ops Series - Lisa McFarland

Warring with Sound
Tactical Warfare
What's the Glory For?
DNA of a Giant Killer
Spirit of Samson
The Name of the Lord
Whose Territory?
Heaven's War Horses
The Glory Weapon

Intimacy Series - Lisa McFarland

Enlarge My Heart
David's Harp
Under the Wings
It's a Heart Thing
You Must Buy Your Threshing Floor
You Are the Altar
Pursuing God
The Sweetness of God
No Condemnation

Seeing Series - Lisa McFarland

What You See Is What You Get
When I See...I Believe
Angels and Decrees
New Garments

Apostle Series - Lisa McFarland

Apostles, Prophets, and All That
Apostolic Hubs
Helpful Hints for 5-Fold Ministers

Dove Series - Lisa McFarland

The Wardove Anointing
A New Dove Season
Next Generation Warriors
Stewarding a Heavenly Mandate

Gate Series - Lisa McFarland

Be Still!
Still Waiting
It's All About Timing
Gates and Doors
The Door to Heaven

Measuring Series - Lisa McFarland

The Measuring Angels
Prayers to Increase My Capacity