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Conference Information and Protocols

Our conferences are designed to allow for times of deep encounter with the Lord and time to develop real relationships with those God has brought together. We encourage you to prepare yourself before you attend and plan to participate in all conference days. Many have tried to just attend for a few hours only to find that they must leave in the middle of a divine encounter. Please plan accordingly and make time for God to have His way with you.

We love children and welcome any who are willing and able to participate in an adult setting. At this time we are unavailable to offer child programs at this event. Please be sensitive to the needs of your young children and make proper arrangements.

Remember to bring your worship banners and gear. We welcome prophetic dance and worship, but we ask you to be led by the Spirit and dress modestly.

We suggest you ask others to pray and fast for you so you can experience fully what God has for you. It is helpful to come fully rested as we have long services and many of our speakers are intense. You might consider bringing small snacks and water bottles for those in between times.

Remember to bring pen, paper, money for shopping among our vendor booths, and your digital voice recorder to catch those prophetic moments.

You are responsible for meals on your own during meal times so please see our registration tables for a list of dining establishments.

We are praying for you and looking forward to hosting you.

Lisa McFarland